LOVE 2014 Music in LOVE 3

To install this mod, you'll need UndertaleModTool, the mod's script file, and a copy of LOVE 2014 (both Steam and itch will work). I can't share the LOVE 2014 music, so if you want to use the mod you'll have to extract it yourself.

  1. Open the LOVE 2014 file in UndertaleModTool.
  2. Select Scripts > Resource Repackers > ExportAllSounds.csx, then select No for each dialog box. You can close UndertaleModTool now.
  3. A new Exported_Sounds folder will then be in the game directory. Copy the mus00-11.ogg files from there, and paste them in a new folder called love2014 within the mus folder in your LOVE 3 game directory.
  4. Open the LOVE 3 file in UndertaleModTool.
  5. Select Scripts > Run other script, and open the LOVE2014music.csx file linked at the top of this page. Wait until a dialog appears confirming the script was successful.
  6. Close UndertaleModTool, saving changes when prompted.
  7. The mod should now be installed.